TK HOME is one of Ontario, Canada's biggest and fastest-growing Overstock Retailers. Although our journey began in 2019, we have established ourselves as a preferred partner of the big box retailers and a favourite shopping place.

What exactly do we do at TK HOME?

We have a few suppliers that we have chosen based on the quality and brand of their items. Typically, the suppliers are big retailers with excess overstock or returns. We order a shipment from them every week to ensure that we have a solid amount of goods for our store and website. Before anything gets put on the shelf, every product is tested. Something you may have noticed from our site or store is that we have different conditions on our products (Brand New, New Open Box, Gently Used). We ensure that our prices match each of the conditions to ensure that each customer is pleased with the quality of their goods.

We will never sell anything that has been significantly used!

Thank you for being an integral part of TK HOME

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